Cassiopeia Constellations - Long Sleeve Romper


Blush & Blue rompers are made with our signature swaddling fabric. This one of a kind romper goes on from the bottom up and has no zippers, snaps, or buttons to fiddle with. It is snug around the ankles and wrists but breathable around the tummy so that baby can play and move easily and comfortably. This may become your little one’s favorite playtime outfit as it is amazingly soft and stretchy.

Available in four sizes:

     6-9  Months

     9-12 Months

     12-18 Months

     18-24 Months

All of our products are printed, sewn and shipped from our production studio in Orem, Utah. We source and test our raw materials here in the US and take great pride in our handmade perfection.

When you purchase from Blush & Blue you support the Never4Gotten program. Click here for more information, and thank you for helping us help those otherwise forgotten!