Blue Painted Polkadot


This is truly a diverse Car Seat Cover!!! It benefits mommy and baby with everyday use of a car seat cover, nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover. Very trendy designs are available that will stand out in a crowd! Make it even more personal by adding your special little one's name within the design!

The car seat covers are personally designed to fit over just about any car seat, stretchy enough to fit comfortably around Mommy, and we believe that they will work perfectly with just about any shopping cart!

ALL of our products are printed, sewn and shipped from our production studio in Orem, Utah. We source and test our raw materials here in the US and take great pride in our handmade perfection.

When you purchase from Blush & Blue you support the Never4Gotten program, which is our nonprofit organization that donates blankets and clothing to women’s shelters, and to women and children in disadvantaged communities around the world. These clothes and blankets help brighten otherwise dreary days, and help these people know that they are loved, and never forgotten.

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